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Speaking at IMO Youth Summit.

The current state of Nigeria irks us all, but there are other ways to go about reforming our nation so that it can be able to accommodate each and every one of us.

Ganduje recently created the Ministry in order to appoint a youth as a commissioner to oversee youth and sports development in the State. 


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Bello Shagari has been an advocate for youth development and youth inclusion in Governance in particular. He is also known for advocating for peaceful coexistence among Nigerians, and  Pan Africanism among Africans and African descents. He has also been vocal on human rights and has intervened in several incidences where youth and students were involved. Other advocacies include drug abuse, gender-based violence, climate change, and other SDG goals. 


The first notable instance on Bello Shagari's role in Youth Inclusion was in his protest against an over-aged Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria in Sokoto State, where he mobilized Youth against what was then an embarrassing situation. Bello was also among the young persons in Sokoto State who advocated for the passage of the historic #NotTooYoungToRunBill which saw the reduction of age in vying for elective offices in Nigeria.

As the President of The National Youth Council, NYCN, Bello Shagari also made very strong advocacy on Youth Inclusion. Prior to 2019 General elections in Nigeria, he was outspoken on youth inclusion in Governance. In a tweet, Bello  stated that:  

"As a youth leader, looking at the manifesto of the two major contenders of the presidential seat, I find the proposals of  @Atiku Abubakar more attractive, especially that he has promised to give the Nigerian Youth 40% of his cabinet if he wins."


The tweet became very controversial and was seen by some to be an endorsement of the major opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar. However, Bello made it clear that there was no intent of campaign but rather it was a bargain for the Nigerian youth  when he twitted the following:

"Take it as you may, I am not campaigning for @AtikuAbubakar but those are the facts on the ground. We expect his opponents to match his commitments so that we can clearly know our place in the next government" 


However, Bello continued to advocate for youth inclusion, however,  with a minimum response from the Nigerian Government after elections. Meanwhile, a travel to the Kano State Governor H.E Dr Umar Ganduje paid off, when a delegation led by Bello Shagari lobbied for an appointment for the Kano State Chairman of NYCN and it was granted; He was appointed as Commissioner For Youth and Sports Development and the new Ministry was created. Similar visits were made to some state Governors advocating for the same thing also yield positive results on youth inclusion.


At the time when South Africans resorted to killing African foreign nationals residing in South Africa, many Nigerians were victims. As a result, there was great tension between Nigerians and South Africans even at the Governmental Level.


The National Association of Nigerian Students NANS did not hide their rage. In fact, they gave the South African High Commission an ultimatum to leave the country and some Nigerians were already attacking South African investments in Nigeria. 

It was in the heat that the National Youth Council under Bello Shagari led a delegation alongside Global Peace Initiative to have a dialogue session with the South African High Commission where violence was called off in Nigeria by the National Youth Council in respect to African Union Agenda 2063.


The Youth Council also proposed future solutions including a youth & Students exchange program to foster a better relationship between the two countries and prevent any future reoccurrence of violence among the two countries. 


Revolution now is a call for a protest by Omoyele Sowore, a Nigerian journalist, politician, and activist who wanted to lead Nigerians in a protest against the government. In the wake of his call, Bello Shagari was among the first people to call for non-compliance to #RevolutionNow which he believed could lead to chaos given the existing regional, religious, and ethnic tensions in Nigeria, that may lead the country to become a failed Nation. Although, Bello agrees with Sowore that all is not well, but disagrees with Sowores approach.

However, Bello has joined other Nigerians in the call to #FreeSoworeNow, when the court released him on bail have condemned his continued detention before he was finally released.


After the Ugandan elections in 2021, Bello Shagari under RALF-Africa strongly condemned the conduct of General Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, for shutting down the internet during elections and detaining his opposition Robert Kyagunlayi Ssentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine. Bello's voice was one among the few youth voices in Africa that stood in solidarity to decry for the inactions of President Museveni and called for sanctions from the African Union, European Union, United States, and other various stakeholders.


#endsars is a protest against police Brutality in Nigeria which escalated into major unrest in Nigeria, Its main objective to get the bloodthirsty Nigerian Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS disbanded, Young Nigerians who have been the major victims of SARS's atrocities flooded the streets of Nigeria, especially in Abuja and Lagos in a protest similar to #BlackLivesMatter in the United States. Twitter was the major tool that was used to mobilize and coordinate the protest. Bello was among the strong voices of the #EndSars protest and has contributed so much in containing division between northern and southern Nigerian youth. Bello was also an active participant in the protest in Abuja before he withdrew when the protest was escalating into major unrest. 

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Dismayed, Shagari noted that their (youths) demand is simple, “they want good roads leading to their states, which is long overdue.”  Read more:


“However, the construction of new rehabilitation centers must begin and new approaches as in the recommendations in the Presidential Committee report should immediately be implemented before the Nigerian Youths lose their future to the menace of illegal drugs in our society.”

“the Senate resorted into a so-called disciplinary action in order to completely ruin and destroy the career of a Comrade who has boldly stood for the right of his fellow students.” 

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